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California Roofs

California Roofs is more than a typical roofing company. We are licensed Air Conditioning and Insulation Contractors. We focus on providing excellent customer service and excellence. As a roofing company we have 19 years of experience in the field. No matter what type of roof you need or what kind of problem you are having we have solutions and you can count on us to deliver results.


Save money when you install an energy efficient roof. New reflective roofs keep your attic cooler resulting in less operation of you air conditioning.

Air Conditioner

High sear air conditioning provide not only energy savings. The air quality inside your home gets dramatically improved when you replace your old system.


Insulating your home is a low cost measure to save money on your utility bill. Insulation seals air gaps cause by penetrations like electrical plugs. can lights and many others. find out more


Windows will not only make your home look great. The right window, properly sealed will save you money when preventing the elements from entering you home.

No call back policy is our philosophy, We take pride on our work and will deliver fast efficient results.

No call back policy